The architects and the developer have a track record in quality mountain developments and have used their experience to create a project of exceptional standing for Champéry - Portes du Soleil.

Swiss cosiness

The apartment residence in Champéry - Portes du Soleil combining space, quality, service and lifestyle under one roof; designed for the best in alpine living and leisure.

Plans & Prices

FloorRoomsLot N°Hab. space (m2)Balcony (m2)Terrasse (m2)Sales area (m2)Price (CHF)Plan
Chalet A
23,5PA21104.537.732.7134.3Vendu / Sold PDF
23,5PA2298.523.2110.1Vendu / Sold PDF
33,5PA31105.047.1128.6Vendu / Sold PDF
33,5PA32104.5120.3144.6Vendu / Sold PDF
44,5PA41121.668.1155.7Vendu / Sold PDF
42.5PA4269.315.076.8Vendu / Sold PDF
44,5PA43123.747.1154.4Vendu / Sold PDF
54.5PA51121.670.8157.0Vendu / Sold PDF
52.5PA5269.415.0076.9Vendu / Sold PDF
54,5PA53123.642.3144.8Vendu / Sold PDF
64.5PA63136.240.821.2156.61'840'000 PDF
64.5PA61136.641.3157.3Vendu / Sold PDF
6 & 74.5PA62149.025.0161.5Vendu / Sold PDF
Chalet B
23.5PB2189.026.1102.1Vendu / Sold PDF
24.5PB22111.840.6132.1Vendu / Sold PDF
33.5PB31104.5143.6152.4Vendu / Sold
34.5PB32178.048.0202.02'400'000 PDF
44.5PB41123.747.121.3154.4Réservé / Reserved PDF
42.5PB4267.31574.8Vendu / Sold PDF
44.5PB43123.768.1157.8Vendu / Sold PDF
54.5PB51123.742.3144.9Vendu / Sold PDF
54.5PB52123.768.1157.8Vendu / Sold PDF
64.5PB61136.640.9157.1Réservé / Reserved PDF
64.5PB63136.241.2156.8Vendu / Sold PDF
6 & 73.5PB62149.025.0161.5Réservé / Reserved PDF

Floor plans upon request

Floor plans upon request